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How you unite 2 housing associations under 1 new brand

Two successful housing groups, New Charter Group and Adactus Housing Group, combined to form one of the largest housing groups in England with more than 34,000 homes across the North West and East Midlands. Under the new name of Jigsaw Group, their main social purpose is to provide quality homes as solid foundations for people to thrive on for the rest of their lives.

The newly formed group needed a meaningful brand strategy and identity that would both unite employees and drive further growth – this is where Jigsaw turned to WilsonCooke.

Creating homes

The new identity had to stand out in a very crowded world of ‘Jigsaw’ brands. Our starting point on this project was what we weren’t going to do!

The new lockup was inspired by a geometric traditional puzzle. The new mark is always shown as a framework, representing the framework that Jigsaw create and support allowing people to create homes and build lives. The mark always appears in black or white allowing for endless versatility across imagery and the large brand colour palette.


Building lives


Brand guidelines

Today, Jigsaw has a unique visual identity, joined up to a robust brand proposition and messaging, brand toolkit and brand guidelines. The marketing team can confidently deliver a brand-led approach to support future growth ambitions.

WilsonCooke also designed and developed an online presence for Jigsaw.


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