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Re-presenting the services of the trust and its academies

The Co-op Academies Trust works to empower the teachers and young people in their schools to work together to create better educational communities. What makes the Trust unique is its sponsorship by the Co-op Group, which has provided investment for a number of new academy schools.

Our brief was to create a new digital experience that would meet the needs of the Trust, its existing north west academies and any planned future schools. Working within the Co-op’s established digital design principles and new brand guidelines, we challenged and refined this brief to deliver the best results.


A period of thorough investigation – speaking to stakeholders on all sides – uncovered three distinct audience types: parents, students and teachers.

While seemingly the most obvious users of a school website – these had widely varying needs and priorities to accommodate.

The success of the new digital service depended on our detailed understanding of what was important to visitors.

Our experience of understanding these individual goals led to the creation of defined user journeys.

These allow clear communication with each audience, in the most appropriate way – and at the best time.





"We're delighted with what we've been given."

Joe Dundas - Co-op Academies Communications & Marketing Manager

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