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Creating an emotional connection with customers

Holts offer a range of maintenance, repair and clean & treatment products developed to get customers back on the road as soon as possible.

The task at hand

Since 1919, Holts has been helping drivers to maintain their cars and keep driving.

Over the years they’ve created brilliant working relationships with countless mechanics and professionals, as well as consumers, who have helped them constantly innovate to ensure their products can meet the needs of modern cars.

Holts approached WilsonCooke to create a summer campaign to celebrate their 100th birthday.

But when the team at WilsonCooke looked at what it meant for Holts to be turning 100 years old, we realised there were a number of ways where we could help make a more lasting impact for the business.


The challenge

We took a step back from what they were asking of us and discovered that Holts didn’t have the desired purpose that they should have.

Due to this, we decided to approach the task at hand from a brand level and looked to make it crystal clear what the brand of Holts is, and what they're about.

The team at WilsonCooke spent time getting to grips with what has made Holts such a successful business for a century and from that, looked to define what the exact purpose of the company is.

We wanted to help create an emotional connection with the customers of Holts


Next steps

Even though the 100 year birthday of Holts was a focus just celebrating it didn’t mean much to the user of Holts products.

Instead, we decided to focus on four key Holts products that are particularly well known by customers but also products that allow the users to be in control themselves when using them.

With the new branding and campaign, we looked to empower the end user, and make them the hero of the moment - all whilst still clearly showing that Holts are behind them.

Problem Solved was a slogan that already existed within Holts branding and WilsonCooke decided to elevate this even further and give it more context by evolving it to:

Car Emergency >>> Problem Solved


What we delivered

The campaign messaging of Nothing We You Can't Fix was to make the end user the hero with the help and experience that Holts, and each and every one of their products, delivers.

Putting faith in both the products and the end user was key to helping create an emotional connection.

As a whole we helped Holts celebrate their 100th birthday, whilst delivering a campaign across three different levels; a new top-level brand campaign, an exciting product specific brand, as well as a focussed localised branding campaign up and down the UK.