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A cumulative, blended digital strategy = results

Year 1 – 180% increase in online revenue – 20% increase in conversion rate
Year 2 – 300% increase in online revenue – 11% increase in conversion rate

Engweld, celebrating over 50 years of trading from 9 sales and distribution centres and 6 gas manufacturing facilities, engaged WilsonCooke in 2016 to work with them to deliver online growth for their digital channels.

Everything starts with insight; understanding who the customers are and what we need to do to engage them – the more we know – the better you perform. We leave no stone unturned, from channel performance and benchmarking, through to competitor analysis.

Once we have understood the gap and the opportunity, we create a road map for sustainable implementation – a simple strategy to reach, engage and convert.

It's about knowing the channels and the inherent link between them
- this is key

The best digital strategies use the value of all channels to inform the others, to know the cumulative impact or combined impact of all channels. This should never be underestimated.

At WilsonCooke, we use more balanced conversion metrics which do not rely on last-click conversions but instead shares the value of the conversion across all touch points in the journey. This helps us to truly understand the impact each channel has on the overall conversion funnel. These can be linear or position-based conversions, depending on the strategy.


It's about knowing your channels and the function of each

We learn where your customers are in the purchase decision, and where they interact online. This drives the strategy for each channel and how that impacts the overall performance - overlaying this with data to track and monitor performance weighting, and shifting the strategy based on where you see the interaction. When you really dig into analytics, it is very rare that your customers only have one touch point during their purchase decision. There are usually several touch points across multiple channels - it's important to understand prospecting and awareness, as well as point-of-need searches.

Our strategy was to improve the existing channels first and then introduce and bolster the performance by utilising all channels.

Within organic search, we could see that the domain health and authority was good, but there was little technical or content optimisation, so logically, this was the place to start as this would take the most time to build. By month six, we were happy that we had addressed the main issues with content, and the website was now technically compliant. The search engines knew what the content focus was and could easily index and categorise the content. With these changes, we saw significant jumps in rankings, and this started to translate to sales.


We had drastically increased traffic, and more importantly, relevant traffic

It's important not to get hung up on traffic levels but instead, focus on relevance and the key indicators around relevance. This can be measured within analytics, but the true indicator of relevance is conversions/revenue.

Next, we needed to convert that traffic. Working with the Engweld team, we began to address on-site usability. This consisted of reviewing customer behaviour, addressing barriers and pinch points. To do this, we conducted task-based user testing, visitor recordings and analysis. Then, in alignment with what the analytics were telling us, we developed a road map for improvements and continually reviewed the changes and iterated based on their results.

Once we saw a strong increase in sales and traffic, we had a good base to introduce additional channel activation - really supercharging the performance so that the web application was firing on all cylinders, delivering a good stream of organic traffic. We worked with Engweld to introduce additional channels including paid search, shopping campaigns, content and outreach, as well as a social media review, all aligned against core business objectives and search phrases, which saw sales skyrocket.

Quarterly channel reviews allowed us to choose a focus based on how the site was performing and where we could see the strongest results aligned to core objectives.


We always work to an iterative process

We always work to an iterative process you can build on results - test and learn, test and learn. When working with digital, you cannot stand still - it is always evolving, with new and emerging technologies and changes in algorithms. What we are doing in 1-2 years will be radically different than what we are doing now. This is the nature of technology as it evolves exponentially.

Key takeaways:

  • Know where to focus, dive deep into the data
  • Always keep in mind where you can bring the most value
  • Be aware of the cumulative impact of all the channels working together
  • Think 1-2 years ahead - have both long and short term digital goals
  • Have a strategy but have the courage to challenge this and evolve and iterate upon it

So what did this strategy deliver?

Year 1 - 180% increase in online revenue - 20% increase in conversion rate.

Year 2 - We are on track to hit 300% increase in online revenue - 11% increase in conversion rate.

Year on year massive increases in top line figures has positioned Engweld as the online market leader in their field.


"The experience of working alongside Wilson Cooke has been great, they really take the time to understand our business and challenges, we work as one team focused on the same goal. Going through this process and seeing the strategy implemented, being part of this has been really interesting, seeing how each channel integrates with the other and the results this has generated in really elevating our digital performance and seeing how this translate to business growth"

Richard Moss - Marketing - Engweld.

“It’s great working with a partner that really embraces our recommendations and is fully aligned with the approach. The figures achieved year on year are a testament to that and the strategy, both at a top level and through effective tactical implementation”

John Millington – Performance Director, WilsonCooke.