Jade Solutions

Brand strategy.
Digital design.
Brand design.
Content marketing including social and outreach.
Search marketing.

Jade Solutions were looking for a new partner to build them a website – pretty straight forward.

WilsonCooke was selected as the partner to deliver against the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate Jade as a credible partner
  • Reflect all strands and departments of the business
  • Help tell the history and brand story of Jade concisely
  • Showcase their vast experience and industry pedigree


We successfully accomplished the challenge but during the planning stages before making the website live we started to ask bigger questions:

  • What approach would be taken to reach and engage with new customers?
  • How will these customers be made aware of what Jade Solutions can offer?
  • How will potential customers know Jade is a credible choice?
  • How are you going to generate enquiries?


The answer? We don’t know.

WilsonCooke worked with Jade on a 12-month marketing communications plan to get the customer reach, engagement and conversions that were needed. This included lead generation through search marketing, content marketing, social media activity and PR support, as well as campaign development and execution.

Jade Solutions were subsequently bought into by Econocom, a global product and solutions provider within the IT sector. As an integral part of the Jade team, we continue to support Jade Econocom to reach, engage and convert new customers.