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Marketing Campaigns.

Marketing campaigns, in all cases, are designed to reinforce a brands position in the market as well as driving customer acquisition that supports their brand strategy and message.

The benefit of regular, strategic marketing campaigns is to keep the brand in the mind of the target audience. Ensuring that a brand meets its target audience at every turn, helps to build brand awareness, curiosity, engagement and sales.

Without regular campaigns, brands risk fading into the background, leaving room for competitors to capture attention, earn favour and ultimately win the purchases of the audience that companies could otherwise have captured if they had campaign strategies in place to remain front of mind.

WilsonCooke creates effective and memorable campaigns leveraging different channels such as advertising, digital advertising, print, direct mail, email, events and trade shows, outdoor media, radio and PR.

More than just advertising, we leverage multiple mediums and use a sequence of messages over an extended timeframe which supports the positioning of our clients brand, defines their brand experience, and ensures the campaign goals are met. We are also able to create simple campaigns that use a single medium, with a single message and call-to-action.

The WilsonCooke Campaign Difference

WilsonCooke works collaboratively with our clients to develop campaigns which support the goals of the business, address its challenges and connect brands with their desired audience. We do this through the use of research and data-driven insights to generate flawless campaign strategies, tailored to the unique needs and wants or our clients, and their audience.

Gathering and leveraging insights allow us to bring guaranteed-to-succeed solutions to any business challenge. We drill into our clients’ needs and know how to provoke and challenge new ways of thinking, both from the brand and their audience. We include our clients in the creation of their campaigns, ensuring that it reflects their brand position and proposition, as well as reaching their desired audience.

Our campaigns are designed to build stable and lasting relationships between our clients and their customers, this requires strategies with key messaging using key channels that we know to deliver results. These channels can include Digital campaigns; web design, content marketing, PPC, and SEO. Print campaigns; direct mail, brochures and POS. Social Media campaigns. Lead generation campaigns. PR and Advertising.

As with all of our services, we apply strategic thinking to campaigns, keeping an eye to ensure they meet the overall objectives — including delivering against our clients’ bottom line — and are continually optimised for the best results.

WilsonCooke are the go-to partner for tactical, trade driving campaigns.

Coming into the digital marketing space more than 25 years ago, WilsonCooke was established with the objective of delivering significant, measurable results for clients. Thanks to our decades of experience, we have learned best-in-class principles which are now able to apply to our clients in a variety of different market sectors; delivering creative and tactical campaigns that get real, tangible results.

WilsonCooke is a brave agency for brave brands. If you want campaigns that are backed by research, data and 25 years of digital campaign experience, it’s time to engage WilsonCooke. Call us today to see how we can help.