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Brand Awareness.

What is a brand without the consumer’s awareness of its existence? Merely another name in the crowd which, even if the products or services are superior against the competition, is failing to get the attention it needs to survive in a competitive landscape.

Getting a brand into the consciousness of the customers who can benefit from its products or services, requires brand awareness campaigns – clever market designed to capture attention, engage with the right people, build brand credibility and turn prospects into customers.

Brand awareness plays a big role in which brand a consumer will choose when they look to make a purchase or consume content. Audiences will always go with brands they know or recognise; this is human nature.

WilsonCooke brand awareness campaigns are designed to shift the market perception to make our client’s brand the first brand that customers recognise, and thus engage with and purchase from.

WilsonCooke work with our clients to get their brand on the map. We can place them in front of their desired audience, without spending millions of pounds in the process, by implementing intelligent digital marketing initiatives that are delivered straight to the ideal audience, with information that is relevant to them and a brand message that is designed to connect and compel action.

The WilsonCooke Brand Awareness Approach

Most businesses will have an ideal customer in mind. We work collaboratively to learn who this audience is, but we also take a holistic approach, looking at the business, its offering, its competition and the personas of its audience. What’s more, we challenge our clients by looking at whether or not the ideal audience they have in mind is the same as those the data tells us are the most likely to engage and purchase. Combining the goals of the business and the audience personas they wish to attract, with insights and data on the perfect profile, we can identify the relevant audience to make aware of our clients brand.

With the right audience identified, we are able to craft marketing campaigns to appeal to these audience personas, ensuring that the message not only reaches the right people but is relevant and sure to pique their interest.

We design authentic campaign ideas which resonate across a variety of different platforms. This could include Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or others), Search Engines (Google or other relevant sites), or the brands’ website or traditional advertising channels, such as direct mail, magazines, other print media, TV/ Radio and outdoor.

All WilsonCooke brand awareness campaigns are completely trackable so that we are able to measure the true reach and impact of each activity, which then allows us to optimise based on performance and insights.

All campaigns involve our expert team of content, creative, design, and technical experts to deliver customer-centric solutions which align with the brand values and tell a story that connects and creates results.

Whatever the needs, WilsonCooke delivers exceptional results by creating brilliant work.

Whether you need to raise your profile, launch a new product or service, or execute a re-brand without losing traction in the market, WilsonCooke can help.

It’s time to get your brand on the map, in front of the right eyes and ahead of the competition. Get in touch with WilsonCooke to see how.