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Lead Generation.

Lead generation is a critical facet of digital marketing. These initiatives leverage a range of tactics to target a brands ideal customer, bring them into awareness of the brand and onto the brands marketing lists so that they may then be nurtured through the sales cycle.

Business growth requires a pipeline of high quality and relevant leads. Without this, growth can stagnate and any existing customer drop off will be a big blow to the bottom line. Lead generation is the antidote to this problem. It’s proactive, strategic activities are designed to keep a steady flow of qualified customers or readers coming into the funnel.

Lead generation is at the heart of every digital marketing activity that targets new customers. This could be through social advertising, search or content campaigns, but it requires more than just an ad. Done well, lead generation activities will target the specific persona a brand wishes to engage, and the lead generation campaign will be optimised to guide prospects through to a landing page or to submit information, with minimal drop-off.

WilsonCooke work to design lead generation campaigns that capture interest, contact details and data to ensure our clients are equipped not only with a strong pipeline of new prospects, but the insights to know how to market to them, and when.

We work with our clients to gather insight, data and analytics on their market, competitors and target audience, then leverage this information to uncover opportunities that will add the most value to the business goals while generating quality leads.

The WilsonCooke Lead Generation Formula

WilsonCooke uses a bespoke data-driven approach to support our clients’ growth plans. This means gathering insights, data and analytics on a brand’s specific market, their competitor’s position and tactics, and the brands target audience to discover which avenues are going to generate the best results. The result is quality leads delivered straight to our clients, which can then be funnel into the marketing cycle.

We have three clear steps that are taken for every lead generation initiative:

  1. Attract – This may be strategic content and outreach form, such as blogs or keywords.
  2. Convert – Directing prospects to a dedicated landing page where we have a clear call to action.
  3. Close – Ensure that prospects convert.

Lead generation initiatives are not a set and forget type of activity; they require continual monitoring and optimisation to ensure organisations maximise every touchpoint they have with their customer. This requires tracking.

With all of our lead generation campaigns, WilsonCooke creates key performance indicator (KPI) documents that track channel performance to identify which activities are driving leads. With this information, we can iterate and deliver campaigns that are proven to convert, as well as ensuring that budgets are assigned to the most effective channels.

Furthermore, we map call conversions using call tracking so that these leads can be attributed. This approach allows us to influence campaigns at a granular level to deliver against a cost per qualified or converted lead.

The result of a lead generation campaign lead by WilsonCooke is a significant boost in new customer acquisition, and inbound enquires which are then converted or fed into the ongoing marketing strategy which leads them through the sales cycle.

WilsonCooke brings more than two decades of experience to our clients. It is this experience that has given us the intuition, in addition to hands-on learning to create campaigns that convert.

If you’re ready to boost your new customer acquisition numbers, it’s time to get in touch with WilsonCooke to ensure you get the greatest results.