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Content Marketing.

Content marketing sit’s at the heart of every marketing strategy as it is content that gives a brand its voice and the power to get a message in front of customers and target audiences.

Content marketing is designed to inspire brand loyalty and build trust between brands and their audience. WilsonCooke creates continuous communication across different channels and formats to nurture a relationship with our client’s prospects and customers. Getting communications to flow effortlessly is imperative: to do this we design a content supply chain to develop and deliver high quality, relevant information that resonates with our clients target customers and aligns with their brand.

The difference between content marketing and other elements of the marketing mix is that content marketing is not focussed on a hard sell, but is instead focused on building a genuine connection that drives brand awareness, recognition and likeability.

WilsonCooke works collaboratively to create a content plan with a clear strategy to drive real tangible results. Our content plans are multi-dimensional and offer a variety of ways to reach the desired audience and inspire action that meets the organisations desired goals, such as improved visibility in search engines like Google, an increase in website traffic or an increase in social media engagement.

Whether working with a new brand, or a brand that simply needs a content evaluation and redirection to ensure it reaches its target audience and connects in a meaningful way, WilsonCooke can design and deliver content strategies to achieve any goal.

The WilsonCooke Content Formula

All of our clients content strategies are bespoke, designed individually with the organisation’s goals in mind. We offer a clear roadmap of how we will engage and activate an audience, tapping into their emotion and curiosity to create valuable brand connections.

We use content marketing to increase our client’s visibility for search engine optimisation (SEO) — which is imperative for improving the relevance and user experience of a brands website — with fresh, relevant and user-friendly content. As part of our strategic content marketing service, we use backlinks, linking relevant articles with other verified brands for credibility and improved SEO.

WilsonCooke utilises social media marketing to enhance content efforts and is able to create, write and share relevant and engaging posts. Social media marketing grows a brands social following and increases the engagement on posts and with the brand itself. We offer a service to manage this function for our clients. Alternatively, we can work with their in-house teams to guide them on the content marketing strategy, complete with a content calendar for them to follow – making social media marketing easier for businesses to manage.

Good content goes a long way, and a comprehensive content marketing strategy can take your brand to the next level.

WilsonCooke are experts at developing strategic content marketing strategies that work to meet the unique goals of each of our clients. If you want to take your brand to the next level, it’s time to get touch with WilsonCooke to see how we can make content your superpower.