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Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience, or CX as its most commonly referred to, is the result of the interaction a customer has with a brand. It is made up of the customer journey, the brand touchpoints the customer interacts with, and the environments the customer experiences during their interaction, this includes the digital environments.

The customer’s experience with a brand is what makes up their perception when interacting with the organisation. If the customer experience is poor, the perception of the brand is going to be poor. Conversely, if the CX is positive, the brand is going to be perceived favourably, thus generating trust, loyalty, engagement and sales.

To a customer, all interactions with a brand are personal. As a result, these experiences need to feel unique, stimulating and relatable as sensory, emotional, rational and physical interactions which create a memorable experience that the customer will never forget – for all the right reasons.

CX covers both direct and indirect experiences. Direct being when they are engaging directly with the brand, maybe in-store with a customer service staff member, or through the use of a product. Indirect interactions with a brand are in more passive forms, like advertising, word of mouth, news, or reports. All forms help to mould the impressions of the customer.

Understanding the impact CX has on brands, WilsonCooke harness data and creativity to skillfully design experiences, both direct and indirect, to drive customer behaviours which transform engagement into positive action.

WilsonCooke collaborates with our clients and delivers interactive workshops to delve deep into insights which bring users to life, allowing us to understand them better, and enhance their journey.

The WilsonCooke CX Solution

In crafting customer-centric experiences, WilsonCooke starts by mapping out the customer interactions, looking at each experience from the perspective of the customer, and taking steps to enhance these experiences so the customer is nurtured and moved to take positive actions that are desired by the business, which could be engaging with the brand or making a purchase.

We work with our clients to develop a customer experience strategy that is built from the ground up with in-depth insights, research and testing – made for people by people. We understand the user behaviours, desired goals and identify any blockers that our designs will solve. Combining human insight with innovative thinking, the results are inspiring, tailored, user experiences which connect and elevate experiences at every single touch point.

Insights can be scaled from surveys, hosting focus groups and user workshops, and through the utilisation of advanced technology; activating heat mapping and eye tracking software.

Applying these insights, we design a clear roadmap for our clients’ customer experience strategy which is aligned to the customer personas, as well as the business goals, values and desired messaging. The roadmap is shared across the business and overlayed across every activity, such as content marketing, designs and campaigns.

WilsonCooke brings our clients more than 25 years of experience, which has allowed us to develop strong skills in translating complex insights, such as customer personas, user scenarios, buying cycles and challenges, to then craft the best in class customer experience strategy for any brand.

WilsonCooke brings the customer to the heart of every journey, creating harmonious engagement between user and brand.

Whether you are a new or established brand, WilsonCooke can help to ensure every interaction your customers have with your brand is a positive one, leading to positive actions. Get in touch with WilsonCooke to see how.