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Brand Guardianship.

Brand guardianship reinforces an organisations brand value, brand equity and the trust that has been built to ensure the brand works harder, ultimately saving businesses greatly in both time and money.

Establishing strict brand guardianship is pivotal in creating the consistency of messaging required to connect with audiences and maintain the same impact at every touchpoint. Brand guardianship, to be effective, must become the ultimate authority when approaching any new or existing marketing efforts to give the audience what they want, and what is going to move them through the sales cycle, from every angle, at every interaction.

The true discipline of brand guardianship is ensuring the visual brand is consistently applied and used in the best way. It requires a clear methodology encompassing steps at every stage of the brands marketing activities to ensure all efforts work to feed into and support one another, thus boosting the results and strengthening the brand credibility and impact to the end customer.

WilsonCooke creates innovative ways to deploy businesses brand and communications by creating brand books which consist of brand guidelines and a tone of voice guide, to ensure the brand is being communicated effectively, every time, no guesswork involved.

If you are lacking consistency in your brands’ visual representation or tone of voice, it’s time to get in touch with WilsonCooke. Our team can create a straight-forward brand-bible that saves you time and money repeating the same creation process again and again.