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Meaningful experiences.
We help transform businesses by creating and nurturing their brand, making them bolder, stronger and bigger.

WilsonCooke brand, digital and marketing specialists are celebrating 25 years — a Silver jubilee — of creating meaningful experiences and delivering results-focused objectives for our clients.

We have reached this milestone thanks to our approach, which combines data-led, analytical insight with creative thinking and marketing strategies, to deliver powerful results that help businesses to grow.

Insight and Strategy

Insight, strategy and understanding require brave thinking and ceaseless challenging. WilsonCooke will poke, prod and question until we have a full 360 view of our clients brand, market and world.

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Brand Strategy

In developing a brand strategy, WilsonCooke brings together the best and brightest from across our teams to transform organisations, shift market perceptions, and position our clients ahead of the competition.

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Brand Creation

Brand creation is about bringing a brand story to life. WilsonCooke digs deep into our clients’ organisations to learn the ins and outs of their brand; their offering, their values, and the visual identity that represents these.

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Brand Guardianship

Brand guardianship reinforces an organisations brand value, brand equity and the trust that has been built to ensure the brand works harder, ultimately saving businesses greatly in both time and money.

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Digital Strategy

An effective digital strategy can make or break a business. While many organisations understand the importance of digital, many still fail to establish a digital strategy that maximises their efforts on all fronts and works with clear goals and KPIs in mind.

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Design Sprints

Digital sprints are a 4-day, full-service process for cross-functional teams to brainstorm, define, and model new approaches to business offerings or issues, saving organisations time and money, by allowing accelerated delivery.

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Digital Design

Digital design requires a user-centric approach to craft digital solutions which engage, entertain, and meet the needs of an organisations customers.

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Web and Mobile Development

Web and mobile development take all the learnings and the roadmap determined in the design phase to craft sites and solutions that are specifically designed to connect with the intended audience.

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E-commerce is an essential layer for any business requiring an online payment capability. Designing an effective e-commerce platform is critical to the bottom line.

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Content Strategy

Content is key in an online world and having an effective content strategy is what allows businesses to harness this power and make it work to generate brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

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