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Brand Creation.

Brand creation is about bringing a brand story to life. WilsonCooke digs deep into our clients’ organisations to learn the ins and outs of their brand; their offering, their values, and the visual identity that represents these.

An organisations brand identity is critical to stand out from the competition and comprises much more than just the visual aesthetics of the brand, but also how organisations communicate with their customers, their target audience and the world. A strong brand identity that is consistent on all mediums, generates confidence from customers and creates a brand experience which encourages people to engage and begin the buying cycle.

Brand identity gives visual impact and must be cohesive in complementing each aspect of the organisations marketing efforts, both online and offline. A strong brand identity encompasses an organisations vision and mission, and will be versatile enough to evolve with the business as it grows.

WilsonCooke’s brand experts work to create a complete brand identity, bringing together our analysis of the organisation, in collaboration with our clients desired aesthetic, to design the visual language of the brand and how it will be presented in the market place.

WilsonCooke have 25 years of experience in brand creation which is personally overseen by our Creative Director, Lee Whittingham and the wider creative team to breath life into our clients brand.

If your brand needs an overhaul, or you’re new to the market and seeking a brand that resonates with your desired customers, WilsonCooke have just the expertise you need to establish yourself as the brand of choice.