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My mum doesn’t get the ASDA christmas ads!

I’m sure ASDA will have done their homework but my mum just doesn’t get it.

But when I talk to a Gen Y or even the next generation like my 11 year old nephew this has become their navigation tool, a self selecting navigation tool.
I’m talking about Hashtags and ASDA’s approach to favouring them over a domain name. Does this mean that Hashtags will take over the internet and replace domain names and browsers?

Check out your own Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook feed; flip through a magazine or watch a commercial on television. You’ll likely find them filled with hashtags about what we like, what we want, what we think, or even just where we are.

Many think the domain name space is dead in favour of search, user experience, apps, and social networks, mostly driven by Hashtags.
So, will Hashtags take over the Internet?



January 13th, 2016
John Millington
Performance Director