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What can we expect from Pay Per Click in 2022?

At WilsonCooke, we are always looking to develop our marketing strategies – and that includes keeping up with the latest market trends. We’ve put together a list of the top PPC trends to keep you and your marketing campaigns one step ahead in 2022.

Closing the books on Expanded Text Ads (ETAs)
Starting on the 30th of June, Google is stopping the use of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) within its ads network, meaning advertisers are no longer able to create or edit ETAs. Moving forward, Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) will be the only creatable ad for search campaigns. This ad type uses artificial intelligence (AI) to test different combinations with a maximum of 15 headlines and four descriptions. Google states that Responsive Search Ads will ‘let you create an ad that adapts to show more text – and more relevant messages – to your customers.

Previously existing ETAs will continue to serve, providing data for reporting after 2022. However, we recommend beginning to make the switch to RSAs as soon as possible. This way, you will have months of previous RSA ad data to optimise from prior to the rollout on the 30th of June.

Link to Google’s article can be found here.

Okay Google, how do I improve my PPC Campaigns for Voice search?
With the growing consumer demand for voice-enabled searches increasing every year, there is a massive opportunity that exists to adjust paid advertising strategies related to voice search marketing.

Example searches:

  • Typed Search: Electrician near me
  • Voice Search: Ok Google, find a highly rated electrician in Manchester

Therefore, you should optimise your ads for location & by including reviews in your advertisements. It would also be a good idea to maintain your ‘Google My Business’ profile with up to date information.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Google is becoming increasingly reliant on machine learning within its advertising platform to serve ads to the right consumer. AI can automate bidding and customise what creative is shown to the user. We’ve already seen the announcement on RSA’s this year, but we believe Google will continue to promote AI influenced advertisements in 2022.

Bidding strategies
Automated bidding strategies take the manual task of setting bids out of the equation. They can be used to optimise towards your performance goals i.e( Target Return On Ad Spend, ROAS)

Google Smart Bidding, for example, can use machine learning to automate bid strategies, reduce advertising costs, and decrease manual input significantly.

Here are some more benefits of using AI in your PPC strategy:

  • Optimise creative based on the users search on Google,
  • Reduce cost per click to serve your Google ads,
  • Decrease manual input,
  • Optimise ads against performance goals (ROAS),
  • Adjust bidding for underperforming or performing products.

Finally, it is worth noting that companies can’t just reply on PPC. This needs to be part of a wider channel strategy to optimise results and deliver strong lead generation.

If you’re looking to develop your paid search strategy, then get in touch.

February 14th, 2022
Rebecca Wheble
Digital Marketing Executive
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