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The Brand Performance Agency to Drive you Forwards

By working with us here at WilsonCooke, you’ll get the best service offering as we combine several different aspects. Our combination of brand marketing and performance marketing makes us so much more than a digital marketing agency, we’re a brand performance agency.

At WilsonCooke, we take businesses forward, driving them forwards and ensuring growth through our brand performance marketing. We work together to build your brand, acquire, and most importantly retain customers.

We’re acutely aware that in order to be successful, and we mean truly successful in marketing, the awareness to spend path has to be as short as possible. With our combination of brand marketing and performance marketing and workings to key metrics, such as; brand awareness, low-cost acquisition, clinical conversions, optimized retention, and enhanced reactivation, leads to a customer’s lifetime value growing incrementally.

Now, we’re not claiming to be unique in the sense that our approach is now relatively widespread, with more and more agencies and companies realising the benefits of combining brand and performance marketing with more traditional digital marketing. However, we do firmly believe that our ethos makes us a leader in our field.

Not Unique, just Better

To say we’re not unique, just better, is a bold statement and not one that we make lightly, it’s something that we genuinely believe to be true.

When we work together, we do not just take your money and funnel it into the various channels and sit back, waiting for results. No, we treat your accounts like they are our own, track your performance and progress like it is our own, and, we treat your money like it’s our own.

Everything we do is driven by data, if something is not working, we establish a cause, and we adjust our strategy accordingly. And in that same vein, if something is working, it is equally important to understand why. It’s the “why,” it’s the questions, it is the understanding that sets us apart. We’re never satisfied, either with our own performance or yours, and we are constantly and consistently searching for ways to facilitate your growth and our own.

What is Brand Marketing and what does it mean for you?

Brand is everywhere in the modern world, and brand marketing defines a companies reputation, from its values, its trustworthiness, and the level of its offerings. Effectively marketing your brand pushes you further by enhancing your credibility, prompting an emotional response from the consumer, whilst increasing the loyalty of existing customers and motivating them to buy!

What is Performance Marketing and what does it mean for you?

Performance marketing deals in the realms of concrete data. Tangible, measurable, and trackable, factors such as lead generation, the number of clicks, engagements, and conversions can all be tracked and assessed. In essence, this allows you to take stock of what it is that you are doing, to assess what is working, and why, and what isn’t, and why.

Synergy – It’s no longer Brand v Performance

In the modern world, we are well and truly in the middle (probably more like the beginning) of the digital age. An age, a world, where consumers have everything they need, and many that they don’t within their reach, quite literally in the palm of their hand.

Users, end-consumers, move quickly, flitting between various channels, various devices, and yet, they expect to see a consistent message across all platforms. In the past, the average person would need an average of only two touchpoints, before that was converted into a sale, with the very few using four or more, now, half of us regularly go well over four, with the average being six touchpoints!

It is therefore critical that brands provide a seamless experience, with a cross-channel strategy in place to maximise the potential of each customer that comes into contact with your brand.

Consumer behaviour is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with over half of the world online, and over five billion people owning a mobile device, how we interact, make choices, and even think is changing. Digital has changed our lives.

As a brand performance agency, at WilsonCooke, we muddy the waters between brand marketing and performance marketing, using one to complement the other, and vice versa, to deliver the best possible results.

For example, if you run a campaign on Facebook pushing one aspect of your business, then the chances are you’ll see a correlating uplift in organic traffic at the same time.

Performance marketing and brand marketing are no longer separate, in the modern world, they can’t afford to be.

Why WilsonCooke? We do more, and we’re Transparent

So, you’re convinced by now that a brand performance agency is the way forward, the future of marketing if you will.

But why WilsonCooke? What is it that sets us apart? Well, it’s our mission to grow together and to do a damn good job in the process. This means doing more, going further, thinking forwards.

We understand that even with the optimal balance between brand marketing and performance marketing, there is still a need for more. Yes, we’ll find and identify your problems, areas in which we know you can improve, areas in which we bring you value. But we don’t stop once we’ve identified them, we’ll push you to rectify the issues internally, and if you don’t we’ll prod and probe until you do. We don’t just identify the problems, we present you with solutions too, and we’ll assist with the implementation.

We’re transparent, we show you why we’re doing what we’re doing. By sharing our insights gained through the data we collect, analyse, and action against, you are always in the know, you know how and why we’re making the decisions we are, and how we’re leveraging your brand and supporting your business.

Our remit is brand marketing and performance marketing, and that’s where most, if not all brand performance agencies stop. But not at WilsonCooke, no, if we see something amiss, something to do differently, we’ll voice it. From price yielding to assisting you to make business decisions, when we take on an account, we genuinely treat it like our own. And that is how you benefit the most. When we come on board, we all grow, together as one.

When we talk about marketing, it’s not digital marketing. Not anymore. Now it’s all about brand marketing, it’s all about performance marketing. It’s about finding a Brand Performance Agency that meets your needs.

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October 29th, 2021
Rebecca Wheble
Digital Marketing Executive