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Infographic: How to PPC like a jedi

Extracted from the brain of our PPC specialist Andrew, like death star plans from a droid – feel free to use.

Image and transcript below – use the force on your own campaigns and get in touch if you want more.

PPC like a Jedi Wilson Cooke

How to PPC like a Jedi

A trilogy of tips

Aim for accurate attribution

A ‘last click’ model to assign attribution is an old-school way of analysing user conversion journeys.

Use Google Analytics insights to help build attribution models for different accounts taking in multiple customer touch-points.

Deploy Google Tag Manager

GTM’s user-friendly simplicity means you usually don’t need web developers to implement tracking.

It’s great for tracking soft conversions, or lead gen – don’t just assume a campaign is failing, it could be generating 100s of phone calls.

Consider Bing AdWords

Depending which source you believe, you may miss between 8-20% of search volume by not advertising on Bing.

It’s likely nearer the lower end – but Bing ads face far less competition, at a much lower cost-per-click.

Wilson Cooke
May 3rd, 2018