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Can British brands become bolder, bigger and stronger Post-Brexit?

Regardless of what side of the fence you sit, the vote for Brexit was a major turning point for Britain, and the outcome will see the start of a new era, one that will be felt across the nation.



This new era not only brings up questions around our nation’s position, but also the position of our business brands as the market changes.

Lee Whittingham; Creative Director at the brave agency, WilsonCooke, says:

With British brands still unclear on what Brexit will mean for our relationship with the EU, and the impacts it will have on our trades with other countries, it’s important to focus on keeping your brand strong enough to withstand whatever comes with this new era ahead.

Regardless of trade deals, Brexit is going to have an impact across the nation, with this, businesses need to ensure their brand is working harder to deliver stronger results.

A recent study by Oliver Wyman (Costs up, prices up, Brexit’s impact on consumer businesses and their customers) states that in the post-Brexit UK, household costs will rise and a higher cost of living for the nation will translate to increased costs for business owners.

As British businesses are forced to absorb these rising costs, we expect they will have to gradually increase prices for shoppers. If they don’t, profits could vanish.

This means consumers are likely going to have to recalculate their spending, which will see them shopping around for better deals.

Of course, we can’t know for sure what post-Brexit Britain will look like, but the team here at WilsonCooke remain positive that Brexit is an opportunity for brands to re-define and strengthen their purpose in the market place.

As a brand, you need to continue communicating with your audience and focus on post-Brexit communications that fill the nation with reassurance and convey strongly the value that you add. Having your brand positioning, identity and messaging clear will ensure your brand remains at the forefront of consumers minds in times of uncertainty and beyond.

If your brand is brave and bold enough, we firmly believe that Brexit can be seen as an opportunity.

Our recommendation? Don’t wait for Brexit to happen. Be braver, bolder and stronger now. It’s time to get your brand messaging out and get on with it.

In this time of uncertainty, brands have held off on marketing spend, but they can’t hold back forever, and the opportunity to shape your brands future and get ahead of the pack is here today. With your competition scrambling to position themselves in the lead as the tide is about to turn, sitting on your hands until the last moment could prove fatal.

In the wake of Brexit, WilsonCooke has been able to help our clients navigate these uncertain waters, strengthen their brand reputation and ease their uncertainty in a time when the nation is on edge.

From one British business to another, we’re here for you.


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Wilson Cooke
May 1st, 2019